Our Values

Cubs have the most amazing imaginations, they can look at a cardboard box and imagine it’s a thousand different things, the adults just see the box that the washing machine came in!

We’ve seen this first-hand with our little one and wanted to create a brand which helps nurture kids’ imagination, while having fun and with minimal impact on the planet.

Our Vision

To facilitate, nurture and inspire immersive, creative, bucket loads of fun playtime via our beautifully designed and responsibly made play boxes. We want our designs to embrace modern influences and to inspire the next generation of adventurers, explorers and environmentalists.

Our Values

Because Cub Box is all about immersive, creative, bucket loads of fun playtime for your little cubs.

We’ve designed the Cub Box with parents in mind too. This means they are beautiful to look at, robust, practical, clever and value for money. 

Cub Box is all about making a difference to the planet we live on (by being eco-conscience in design, manufacture & lifecycle) and to the people who live on it (through supporting great causes).

How do we live these values?

While there are lots of children who are really fortunate in this world, unfortunately there a lot who are not. We want to help kids who are disabled, disadvantaged or suffering from long term sickness, through a commitment to donate 1% of sales from every Cub Box sold to good causes.   
We’ve all seen how irresponsibly disposing of plastics can add to the huge problem of plastics in the oceans, and how difficult it can be to recycle kids plastic toys at the end of their life cycle. Cub Box was built on the idea that every toy has a lifespan, and when that time comes, let’s make the recycling of it as least damaging to the environment as we can, so avoiding landfill and making it 100% recyclable. This is why we are convinced that cardboard play boxes are not only instinctively loved by toddlers and older kids alike, but they are also 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable and have a minimal carbon impact through the whole life cycle (manufacturer, shipping, & recycling).